Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 101

Dinsdag, 15 November 2011

Dutch class in the morning again, which was great.  Basically all of my classmates are really fun, which makes it a great learning environment.  Marcela and I then went to lunch with Santi, and then real school.  Well, I had my acting class (didn't do my part), two periods in the library, and then the acting class again (which we still didn't do my part, whew).

Got home, and like 10 minutes later Marcela got home (she didn't have class, so she went to Antwerpen to buy winter clothes).  And lo and behold, she had Dominoes Pizza for us!  We had been complaining for months about how bad the pizza is here in Belgium (no, you shouldn't need to say 'tomato' as a topping if you want sauce on the pizza), and we had been talking about going to Dominoes next week but she decided to surprise me.  :)  We had to eat it in our closet because we don't think Truut likes Dominoes, plus it was almost dinner time.  We left like half of the pizza for tomorrow, but we had to leave it in with our clothes so they wouldn't find it.  >.>

Eating our pizza in the closet

Pizza in with my clothes

Had dinner, talked with Marcela and made s'mores, and then went to fanfare rehearsal.  I jokingly texted Marcela like halfway through saying I was thinking about the pizza, and that she should bring it to me.  Of course, she didn't respond, so the person sitting next to me and I both thought that she might be bringing it.  So, I started tweaking out every time the door opened, it was pretty funny.  It went a bit long, and then with staying and talking with people after I didn't get home until around midnight.  And one of the guys that stayed had to wake up at 6 for work, and he was complaining about how hard it would be, so I told him I'd wake up at 6 too, just to see how bad it would be.  We'll see how that goes.

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