Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 93

Maandag, 7 November 2011

Waking up was difficult - I was up fairly late trying to do some last minute school stuff.  :P  Marcela was just beat from London, so she decided to stay home.  I just took one of my Mountain Dews to help stay awake, and went to school.  In History, we basically just talked about (I think) WWII.  The teacher wouldn't even give me the papers to follow along, so I was just sitting there, trying to listen to the lecture while everyone was filling in the packet.  Super boring.  Did a little speech in English with my partner (super boring as well).  Science, the class went to the library, so I just read a bunch of science news articles online, seeing as how the teacher told me to just do whatever I wanted.  Then German, which was basically just the class messing around and not doing anything.

Had lunch with another exchange student (I think she's from Japan?) since Santi and Marcela were gone, and I don't even know where my classmates go.  Had a period in the library, then music theory, where I just talked to my classmates as they weren't doing anything either.  Latin, learned some new words and did some actual work.

At home, talked with Marcela for a bit, did some studying, ate, and then went to bed.  Woke up for a little bit at night to eat a snack, but that's about it.

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