Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 104

Vrijdag, 18 November 2011

Dutch class again in the morning, but it was suuuuper slow today.  Marcela and I basically just leaned against each other and tried to stay awake.  Lunch, and then had my music theory/composition class, where I just sat and studied Latin.  Supposed to have art history next, but the teacher was sick, so we had to go to a study room.  Listened to some music, played cards, and read a bit - great end to the week.

After class, went shopping with Marcela.  Got a little thing for my third host sister's birthday (didn't get to give it to her yet, oops), and like 5 movies because it was only 5 euros.  We stopped at the ATM to get some cash for the weekend, and check to see if we got our Rotary allowance.  And lo and behold, it looked like we got like 3 months worth at once!  Marcela didn't have like any money in her account before, so when she saw her balance she just yelled really really loud something to the effect of "YESSS!".  The guy behind us was really scared I think.  :P

Home, cleaned up my room a bit, packed for the weekend, and did some reading.  Now, even though it's early, it's time for bed - gotta leave the house at like 6am tomorrow for drumline.  :/  Won't update until like Sunday night since I'm spending the night again, so until then!

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  1. The day before "I don't think it'll ever be dull in that class."