Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 95

Woensdag, 9 November 2011

School, of course.  Listening first period (country and city blues), which didn't really work because the CD we were listening to in class was scratched, so we couldn't really do the lesson.  Latin, prepared for our field trip tomorrow (yes, I'm going on a field trip with the 12 year olds).  English, which was basically just watching a little thing on garbage and waste, but since it was British English it was pretty amusing to me.  Then Science, which means I just talked to my classmates.

Then, Dutch lessons.  Marcela and I got off at the right stop this time (whoo!), and got to the lesson on time.  The teacher is such a sweetheart - she had little candies and tea for us because she knew we were tired (which we were - I almost fell asleep on the bus, and I was standing!).  Left her house at 4 to get our bus home, which was at 422 (and you know when I mention exact times that it means something went wrong).  We got to the stop at 416, and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Checked the sign for the umpteenth time, and yes, the bus does come on Wednesdays.

No bus.  Had to get the bus to Turnhout at a little after 5 (it was late as well - I was about ready to die), and then Marcela and I got off at the train station - not our usual stop, but we know that the bus to Lille passes there after our usual stop, and we just wanted to make sure we could catch the bus.  And sure enough, as we ran to the halt, our bus was just pulling in.  So incredibly lucky.

Got home, shoveled down some food, and the did some translating for my Latin trip.  Talked to some people, got ready for bed, and now it's time to sleep - earlier morning tomorrow!  Slaapwel!

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