Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 98

Zaterdag, 12 November 2011

Got up, looked through my music a bit, and walked to drumline rehearsal with two other guys that spent the night at the house.  Then, basically rehearsed from like 10-6.  There were a few breaks, a long lunch break, meeting another American that might join, but there was a lot of rehearsing.  They're letting me put in cymbal visuals, so that's a lot of fun.  I've never really gotten to write the visuals by myself before - I would only suggest them to my cymbal tech, and she'd just take it from there to make it way more awesome.  So it's a great experience.

Tried on a uniform for next week, then hung around the clubhouse until a bit before my train left.  Got a ride to the train station, then went through the usual two trains and bus routine to get back to my bike.  There was this drunk guy on the bus, and we had a conversation in Dutch!  Granted, my part of the conversation was basically saying yes and no, but I don't think he noticed I didn't really know what I was doing.

Got home, got caught up on my facebooking.  Realized that an essay I sent in to Kare-11 news (news station from my area back in the states) won RCR $1,100!!!  I'm so glad I could still help the drumline out even though I'm here.  Apparently I need to pick up the prize in person, so I'm waiting for the instructions to come so I can ask if my old director can pick it up in my name.  I don't think I could get home just to do that.  :P

It was a great day talking to some great people - I really love drumline, as you've probably noticed.  But, it's been a long two days, so it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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