Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 115

Dinsdag, 29 November 2011

Woke up pretty late today, barely made it to the bus on time.  Luckily I remembered to grab a Mountain Dew, so at least I was able to stay awake during the Dutch class today.  Lunch with Santi and Marcela, then real classes.  The acting class (didn't do my part, whew), two periods in the library where I alternated reading science news articles and studying Latin, and then acting again (did my part for like, 5 minutes).  Simple day.

Got home, ate right away, and then slept.  Actually slept until like 1045 because my alarm didn't wake me up (though Marcela did, thankfully).  Had some food so I could take my meds, went online for a little bit.  Anyone reading this from the US (and I know there's a few of you - the "stats" on Blogger says like more than half the pageviews come from the US) should buy this groupon.

It's only $10, and you get a $50 dollar credit to donorschoose - that's like $40 free dollars!  And donorschoose is an amazing website.  Basically, teachers (usually in mid to high poverty areas) can submit "projects" to the website.  Sometimes it's to buy extra things, but honestly, I've seen so many projects that were just teachers asking for crayons.  There's no budget, and they can't afford everything themselves.  Anyway, they submit the project, which details what they want, why they want it, and how it will help the class.  A little table at the bottom shows how much everything in the project costs, and where they're going to buy it from.  You can donate anonymously, in honor or memory of someone, or even just in your name.  And you can ask for updates on the project from the teacher, or ask for thank you notes from the kids.  It's really great.

So yeah, buy the groupon.  Beat my donation amount.  With this, I'm up to $80 donated, but I'm sure you can beat me :P  (Seriously, buy 2 groupons and you're ahead of me already).

Well, I'm tired and sick, so slaapwel everyone!

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