Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 102

Woensdag, 16 November 2011

So, waking up at 6 is not something I would be able to do for a job.  Thank goodness I just promised I would wake up at 6, not do anything.  :P  Actually had real class today, so we had to take the earlier bus.  Marcela was almost late, so that was pretty funny.  Listening class, Latin, a period in the library (I couldn't find my class - they weren't in the classroom...), and science.

Then, another edition of "Marcela and Kelsey fail at public transit".  So, Emi (district rotary person) was going to pick us up at 1 at the Station in Turnhout.  It's pretty close to the school, but Marcela was cold, so we decided to take the bus, since it's only like one stop away.  Okay, that's all good.  So we got on a bus we knew stopped there (not our regular bus, but whatever, it was at our stop so we got on), and like 5 minutes later we were at the station.  We tried to get off the bus when it stopped, but the bus driver wouldn't open the back doors, and we couldn't push our way to the front.  We tried yelling at him to open it, but no dice.  Oh well, we decided we could just get off at the next stop.

So, we hit the button saying we needed to stop aaaaand... he just kept going.  We kept clicking it, and he kept going past the stops he was supposed to go to.  I finally shoved my way to the front of the bus and told him we needed to get off (because by then, we were like over two stops away from the station, and we were about to go across this big intersection).  Someone who knew Marcela was on the bus and finally saw her.  She asked where we needed to get off, and Marcela was like, "Way back there!"  So that girl went to the front, and had the driver open his doors right there, even though it wasn't a stop.  Whew.

Took like 20 minutes to walk back to the station.  Had just enough time to finish our meals before Emi picked us (and Santi, who arrived right as Emi did) up at the station.  We then drove to Ham (heh, ham) to pick up Jenna, and then we went to Sint Truiden to bowl with the other Dutch exchange students.  There were only like 14 of us there, so it was a blast.  I did terrible my first game (69), but managed to do a bit better my second (109!).  Granted, that still sucks, but it was the highest score out of anyone from either game (the next highest was Fede in the first game with a 105).  It was just great talking to everyone again, and hanging out a bit.  They made me bowl without my glasses once, so I couldn't even tell if my ball was at the end of the lane or not, but I managed to get a strike doing it, so then everyone tried with my glasses, and got strikes.  Pretty awesome.  Just some pics from it:

Everyone that was there

With Bernardo and Sravya, two of my good friends

I was super excited

At like 5:30 (about 2 hours after we got there) it was time for us to go back.  Of course, it was rush hour, so by the time we dropped Jenna off at her house and made it back to Turnhout, it was like 7:50.  Marcela and I took the bus home, devoured a bunch of food, and got ready for bed.  SO TIRED.  Thankfully it's Dutch school tomorrow so we can sleep in a little bit!  Slaapwel!

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