Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 89

Donderdag, 3 November 2011

Sorry!  I swear I'll update right when I wake up, but it's been like 24 hours since I first got up and I'm really tired.


Okay, this was a seriously long day.  Since Santi was sleeping over, Marcela and I were sleeping in my room.  We didn't get to bed until like 1 because we were talking and hanging out.  Then, at 330 (yes, in the morning), Marcela woke up to take a shower.  Of course, since she was sleeping in my bed, I woke up as well.  As soon as I was about to fall back asleep, she got back, we we just ended up talking until we went down to have something quick to eat.

Left the house at 5, dropped Santi and Marcela off at Brussels a little after 6 for their London trip.  Patrick, Truut and I then left for the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery.  Had some breakfast to wait for the sun to go up, and then walked around the cemetery.  I got pictures of certain headstones for the mayor up north back home, and just some pics of the cemetery.  I have to say, I think I may like this one more than Flander's Field.  It was really a beautiful place.

Front of the cemetery

Tree in the middle of the cemetery

A headstone for an unknown soldier

After that, we went to a small village to go for a little walk.  Of course, it took over an hour and a half for Truut to find it again, so I was really close to falling asleep in the backseat (this was only around 2pm).  Went for the walk, which was also really pretty, and then drove home.  Got really close to falling asleep in the back, but of course, whenever I was about to fall asleep something happened where they had to slam on the brakes, so I would get jolted awake.

From the walk
At home, edited the pictures from the day (over 100), ate, and tried to stay awake for fanfare repetition.  Barely managed to do that, but afterwards I had people try A&W Root Beer, seeing as how we play a song called "Root Beer Rag".  And Mr. Hayes, you were right, a LOT of people didn't like it at all.  The common consensus was that it smelled like Vicks Vapor Rub (everyone smelled it before trying it; it was pretty hilarious to watch).  A few of the younger (read: under 30) guys thought it was okay, but no one loved it.  Ah well, that leaves me with a few bottles left.  They also thought it was weird we'd have icecream with it, but I guess if you've never tasted the magic of Root Beer Floats, you just wouldn't understand.  And a few people thought, even after clarifying multiple times, that it was real beer, so they took a big swig.  Fun to see.

Basically stayed there talking and hanging out until like 320.  So yeah, like 24 hours after I woke up I finally got home.  But it was a good day, so I can't complain.  :P

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