Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 87

Dinsdag, 1 November 2011

I swear I'll start updating on time... tomorrow.


Okay, it was just another lazy day.  Woke up after a good rest, had breakfast, and then stayed home with Marcela while Patrick and Truut went out for a walk with some family.  Since we didn't get to do anything for Halloween, we decided to dress up when we were by ourselves at home.  Seeing as how we only had Marcela's makeup, it was a bit difficult, but we tried our hardest.



Then, we went downstairs and decided to be zombie chefs.  Well, tried to be zombie chefs.  We tried to make french toast, which turned out... okay.  I had Marcela try another kind of Mountain Dew (Pitch Black) before we decided we sucked at cooking and went to watch a movie.  We watched Moulin Rouge, since she's been bugging me to watch it for some time now, and we put on Portuguese subtitles just for fun.

Afterwards, we went to take a nap and chill out upstairs.  A bit later, we got a call from Patrick and Truut saying they were going to pick us up for Chinese food in like 20 minutes.  Mind you, were were still in our makeup, and I don't have any makeup remover (and Marcela barely had any).  Rushed to get it off, which thankfully worked.  Went out and met some relatives at the restaurant.  It was pretty fun - pretty upscale, as compared to my previous experience in Chinese restaurants (I think LeeAnn Chin's is the most upscale place I've been :P)

Back at home, Marcela really wanted to make the peanut butter blossom cookies I've always been talking about.  We tried, though some of the ingredients were improvised a bit and some of the measurements didn't work out, but they worked out okay.  After that, just went back upstairs and basically went to bed right away.


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  2. erm ipod sorry ..