Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 96

Donderdag, 11 November 2011

Woke up early, got the bus (which was like 5 minutes late), and made it to the school JUST in time.  This is why I hate not being able to drive - as most people back home know, I HATE being just on time, I need to be early. Anyway, got on the bus for the field trip, and we were assigned into small groups of like 6.  A student teacher was leading my group - she was 20, so we got along really well, considering we're so close in age.

Went to Maastricht first, did a little packet where we had to go to different places in the city and answer questions.  Pretty fun.  My group kept getting lost.  :P  Had lunch, and then went to a little museum underneath a restaurant.  There were some pretty well preserved Roman ruins, and it was really cool to see.  Then, back on the bus to Maaseik, where we went to an interactive museum of sorts.  Made some foods from ancient Roman recipes, some kids had to get dressed up in the clothes of that time, and we got to see some typical museum things (pots, medical equipment, etc).

Home, barely had time to eat and get my stuff together for fanfare rehearsal.  For the first like 40 minutes, there was like NO ONE in any of the chairs around me, except for one guy diagonally in front of me from another section.  Pretty funny - I'm just glad we played the easier songs first.  After rehearsal, since 11/11 is a holiday from school and work in Belgium, quite a few people stayed late, myself included.  Got home around 230, looked up some drumline things, and went to bed.

Also, I probably won't be updating again until late Saturday night or Sunday since I'm spending the night away.  So, until then!

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