Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 105

Zaterdag, 19 November 2011

Wow, long day.

Woke up at 5, got ready, and then Patrick and I left at 6.  He had to do some things with the cows for a minute, and then he dropped me off at the train station.  Still faster than biking there though.  :P  Did the usual train business, and got picked up in Kortrijk by a girl in my section.  But, when we were driving to rehearsal, this one guy totally disobeyed some traffic signs and got in front of her, and then slammed his breaks.  She ended up rear ending him, and we spent a long time on the side of the road with them exchanging information.

The other guy in the car called someone to pick us up, and we ended up getting to rehearsal a bit over an hour late (the girl got there like almost 3 hours late).  Practiced for a bit, but then we got NEW CYMBALS!  One of the directors had went to the US for like a week to pick them up, and he came to bring them to us straight from the plane.  :)  I taught them how to tie the new straps, and then we messed around with the old cymbals, trying some stupid flips and things.  Did some group rehearsing, and then tried some flips (like, flipping over someones back) with the cymbal tech - it didn't really work out, and I probably got really close to dislocating something.  :P

Ate, changed, and then we did a little "parade".  I say parade loosely because it was basically just us playing down the street until we got to a specific pub, and then we played inside of there for a bit, and then had a drink.  We ended up going to 5 places, so it was pretty fun.  I had never seen the music before either, so I was just making it up, but I think it sounded okay.  We had to go play/speak at a church, which was really weird.  I don't think I've ever heard of a drumline playing in church before.  Then back to the drumline clubhouse, got out of uniform, and then I went with a girl in my section to her friend's house to get changed for the gala/awards.  They lent me a dress (ugh, dresses) and did my hair (I think all of them are hairdressers), and then we went back to the clubhouse.

Then it was like the typical awards banquet thing.  We ate a bit before hand, and then they had a slideshow of pics from the last year, and then people had to go up and present the awards.  I actually had to present one of the awards with one of the techs, but we did it in English (he had marched for like 4 years in the states, so his English is great).  I didn't even know I had to present until earlier that day, so it was pretty funny.  After the awards, it was this big dance party.  Well, I didn't dance, but most everyone else did.  I talked to quite a few people from the drumline, had a blast, and ended up leaving at like 530am.  There were 6 of us staying at the director's (or whatever his title is) house, so when we got there we ended up talking for close to an hour before finally going to bed.

Not many pics right now because no one has them on facebook yet, but here's a few from the start of the afternoon:

Me with one of the girls from my section

Cymbal line with the new plates~

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