Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 91

Zaterdag, 5 November 2011

Got up around 11, did some homework, and messed around online.  Truut then came home with the cousin's kids to babysit them for the day, so I opted to take a nap instead of being downstairs.  :P  Made some food, and then got picked up for a fanfare concert in the Netherlands.  Was a lot of fun - watched two other groups and hung out a bit before we played our part (like almost an hour of playing).

Hung out with the fanfare after the concert, and got home a little after midnight.  Then, as some other people were going out again in Lille, I went to meet up with them.  Hung out again until like 3, then decided that three days in a row of being out until 3 was enough, and went home to get some rest.

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