Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 88

Woensdag, 2 November 2011

Hey, I'm updating on time!  Whoo!

Anyway, another late start day.  Marcela and I took our time getting ready, and then took the bus to Herentals.  No reason really - we just wanted to explore a bit.  Ended up a a store that had CD's, and I fell into the "2 for 15 euros" trap.  Got a boxed set of Country Classics (4 cds) and a boxed set of songs from famous musicals (also 4 cds).  So, I guess it was a good deal.  Helps me with my country music addiction, even if just for a bit.

Bussed home, ate, wrote a bit.  I'm attempting NaNoWriMo again (you try to write 50k words in a novel during November), so it was nice to write a bit for that.  Already behind though.  :P  Ate again, cleaned up, did some music stuff, and then Santi came over to spend the night.  Had him and Marcela try Code Red (a different Mountain Dew flavor, for those who don't know).  Tried some of our cookies, which actually turned out okay.

Got ready for tomorrow (going to an American cemetery to take some pictures, after we drop Santi and Marcela off for London).  Anyway, we're waking up in like 5 hours and it's a looong day tomorrow, so slaapwel!

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