Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 117

Donderdag, 1 December 2011

It's December!  What?!  It doesn't feel like it at all - there's NO SNOW, it hasn't even snowed and melted yet, and it's 52 degrees!  I refuse to believe it's December with these conditions.

Anyway, was actually on time this morning.  Only slept like 10 minutes past my alarm.  :P  Dutch class, which was pretty fun.  We always have a little pause halfway through the class, so Marcela and I went to a little cafe right across the street with some ladies in our class to have some tea and talk.  Yep, the same people we went out with the day class was cancelled, sans the guy.  We're making plans to meet up for a movie sometime soon, so that should be fun.  They're all nice ladies, and it's a lot of fun to talk with other people who know like EXACTLY where you are in learning the language.

Finished class, lunched with Santi and Marcela.  As today is Thursday, the school sold bacon sandwiches, so Marcela and I got those, and were basically talking about it all day.  Man, they're so good!  The songwriting class, where I basically do nothing now because the lyrics are basically written.  Then the class where I actually get to play, which was actually decent this time.  Then was a music theory class where they basically just went over what the test was going to be about.  A few of my classmates then realized that I don't take exams (as I don't need to, and I don't understand what's going on anyway), so a few of them got a little huffy about that.  I'm fine with it, because I get off of school like 2 weeks early.  :)

Home, watched Ratatouille in Dutch (with English subs) with Marcela since no one was home.  Truut and Siemen finally got home, and we ate and talked a bit.  It was Siemen's birthday, so we chatted with him a bit more than usual.  Then, everyone went to do their own things.  I finished Catch-22 finally - oh my goodness, it all makes sense now.  I used to start the book, get like 200 pages in and then just put it down because it didn't make sense.  But now, everything makes sense.  I spent like 20 minutes after I finished reading just sitting there thinking about the book.  Wow.

Went upstairs, got ready for bed, and got some things sorted out.  Studied some Latin, though I'm still waiting on my brother to answer the questions I sent him (seriously Collin, if you're reading this, answer my emaaaail, I don't understand!).  Talked with some exchange students I hadn't seen in forever (stupid them being in the French part), went online a bit, and now it's time for bed.  But first, news!  I got mentioned in another little news article, this time from DCE (Drum Corps Europe).  Yay!

Okay, now no more news, but stupid little rant time.  The way they tell time here is so... frustrating.  Sure, most of it makes sense, but for half past, they do something silly.  Say it's 1130.  They don't say it's half past eleven, oh no, they say it's half twelve.  It's so confusing!  "Half twelve" is six, not 1130.  And I always mess it up when people say, because I'm so used to hearing "half past".  Marcela and I (and everyone we sit next to in our Dutch class) agree that it is silly.

So yeah, that's about it for the night.  Slaapwel!

(Also, I just got an email showing me that my entry from a while back was mentioned in the CR Rotary Weekly Bulletin.  If any Rotarians happened to stumble onto my page now, Hi!  Feel free to leave comments anytime, I love getting them!)

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