Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 120

Zondag, 4 December 2011

Well, it's basically been a movie day.  Woke up around 10, ate, showered, did some homework, and then went to watch Harry Potter 6 downstairs with Marcela.  After that, no one was around and we watched another movie (P.S. I Love You) since Marcela said it was super sad and always mad her cry.  Did some stuff online, and then Marcela, Truut and I went to see Tintin in 3D in Turnhout.  It was really good!  Fun movie, and we watched in English, so there were Dutch and French subtitles for the whole movie, so that was fun.

Home, pinned some stuff on our blazers (mine is finally looking like a respectable exchange student blazer), and then talked with people online.  Got to skype with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, seeing as they just made a skype.  After that, just went straight to bed since it was pretty late already.

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