Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 132

Vrijdag, 16 December 2011

Rain again, but of course today I forgot both my umbrella and hat, so I was really wet by the time we got to the Dutch school.  Tried to dry off before class, and was only partially successful.  Easy day in class, kept almost falling asleep after I completed the worksheets (everyone else takes quite a bit more time).  Our usual group went for tea, so that was a nice distraction.

Home, and then we went to Maastricht with Truut, Siemen and Marcela.  It took forever to get there because of traffic, and it was raining, so I was kind of grumpy, considering it was perfect nap weather and I really didn't want to be outside.  We got some hot chocolate right when we got there, and then, magically, Truut just let Marcela and I go off on our own.  So, of course, we went on the ferris wheel first, did some shopping in the little Christmas market (I got a hat for only 5 euros!), and then wandered around stores for a while.  Met up with Truut and Siemen, got a snack, and went home again.

And something magical happened on the ride home - it started snowing!  Marcela has never seen snow before in her life, besides on TV or in pictures, so she was freaking out and it was just amazing.  Nothing was sticking, but oh well.  At home, she left quick to go spend the night at a friends house, and we started dinner.  Like 15 minutes later she comes back, soaking wet - she missed her bus by only a few seconds, as she saw it when she was locking her bike.  Our typical luck :P  Patrick luckily drove her to the train station, and she texted me saying the snow was sticking and covering everything and she was just so happy.  :)

Packed up my bag for this weekend (two parades for drumline, and spending the night there, so I won't update until Monday, seeing as I won't get home until like 12:20 Monday morning), started organizing my things so I can pack for my second family easier, and now it's time for bed, seeing as my bus is in less than 8 hours.  Slaapwel!

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