Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 134

Zondag, 18 December 2011

Woke up after a terrible night of sleep.  It was raining and hailing like all night, which is usually fine, but where was a window RIGHT ABOVE my head, so it was fairly loud.  Basically just looked at music before we drove back to the clubhouse.  Got on the road to Dunkerque, France for another parade.  Same routine as Saturday - sandwich on the bus, soup at the place, change, do the parade (no hills today!!!), eat again, and then drive back home.

Now, it was like 9pm by the time we got back to Belgium, and there wouldn't be enough time for me to go to the clubhouse and then to the train station, so the bus just dropped me off at the station, along with two other guys who go to school in Gent.  It was nice actually having people on the train with me for once.  Made it back to Herentals at midnight, and then Patrick came to pick me up as there (obviously) weren't any buses.  Got home, ate and skyped with my Mom and one of my brothers for a bit, and then collapsed into bed to sleep.

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