Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 129

Dinsdag, 13 December 2011

Basically the same as usual, expect Marcela stayed home sick today. Had some fun moments with the Dutch class today – Vladimir, this guy from Russia, got everyone to laugh. We had an exercise where we were talking about different activies (swimming, mopping, shopping, etc), and we had to reply with if we liked doing them or not. The teacher asked if he liked vaccuming, and he said no, naturally. She did this hand movement, like, go on, because he needed to do the whole sentence (No, I don't like vaccuming). So, instead of doing that, he just says, "My wife". Everyone just broke out laughing and cheering for him. Gotta love it when people don't follow the exercise. :P

Got the bus right away, which was awesome. Home, made french toast with Marcela (better than last time; still not good), and then we set up the Christmas tree! Truut likes making it look nice, so we only put on ornaments that were kind of the same (white or light brown, and white lights). She seemed astonished that back at home we'd just put everything on. I dunno, I like how that looks, but then again I don't know anything about decorating or fashion.

Did some music related things (and took a little nap) before dinner. Everyone was messing around, so that was really fun. Came upstairs to discover the internet was out again. :( Didn't even last for a day. Studied some Dutch, and was going to do Latin, but by then I was super comfortable so I just layed down and read until fanfare.  Rehearsed, stayed until midnight or so, and then came home and just crashed.

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