Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 123

Woensdag, 7 December 2011

4 months!

Had to wake up for the early bus today, seeing as we had regular class and not Dutch school, so that was a bummer. Listening class (listened to "The Sorceror's Apprentice" and "Carnival of Animals", free period (usually Latin, but it was so windy the trees were going to like 45 degree angles so I decieded to just study at the school), English (music quiz thing for fun), and science (went over what the exams would cover). Then, went to the train station since I was going to Hasselt to hang out with some people.

So, of course, this is another edition of Kelsey sucks at public transit and trains (Marcela was already there). I made it to Herentals just fine, and got on the train that was going through Mol to Hasselt (and, apparently, some other city). So that was fine. But, apparently the train split in half at Mol and so half the train went to Hasselt, half went somewhere else (I was on this half). I didn't know this, so I was sitting perfectly content on the train, just checking my phone because I knew I would be arriving around 2. But, at one stop, the train started going back to Mol. I was super confused, so I asked the guy that checks the tickets what was going on.

He just said to get off in Mol, and then told me what platform the other train would be at. Okay, whatever, I'd just be an hour late, no biggie. So I got off the train, and waited for the train to Hasselt, which was only like a 20 minute wait. And waited. Then they announced that the train had broken down in Herentals, and was cancelled. The next Hasselt train would be an hour later.

I was seriously considering going home at this point, but I really wanted to hang out with everyone, so I stuck it out. There were like two other people that needed the Hasselt train, so we were all kind of waiting together. Finally got there 2 hours late, which meant I only had 2 hours to hang out there. Vicki (Australian) and Sravya (Indian) picked me up at the train station, and we took a bus to some sort of Christmas theme park. Everyone else was iceskating, so Vicki, Sravya, Jenna (she stopped iceskating) and I got some food and a warm drink and just sat inside and talked. It was really nice.

Then, we did what we were planning to do the whole time – hold up signs that say "free hugs". See, as an exchange student, we are severely lacking in hugs. Like, we only ever really get hugs from other exchange students, but no one else. So, we all thought we'd try this. They had done it a bit earlier, and they said people didn't really give them hugs, but we got SO MANY! Little kids, seniors, and everyone in-between. It was so much fun, and everyone was left smiling afterwards. We only got a few strange looks. :P

L->R: Sravya, Vicki, Jenna, Allen, Me, Kimberli, Bernardo

Took the train and the bus to get back home (which went smoothly, thankfully), ate, and basically just did some Dutch homework and went to bed. Oh, and I totally started (and finished) The Color Purple. Yay for having time to read!

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