Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 133

Zaterdag, 17 December 2011

Long, long day.  Woke up for drumline, finished packing, and was out the door by 7:20 for my bus.  Made it to drumline, and got on the bus for our parade in Nivelles (French part of Belgium).  There were two other Americans there (besides Adam, a guy who's in the drumline and living in Belgium as his dad's work moved them here).  They marched with one of the guys in the US, so they're here to visit for like a month.  We had a blast talking, mainly because if we talking with any kind of thick accent or a lot of slang, no one could understand us.  :P

We got to the parade (we got free sandwiches on the bus!), put our stuff in a room, and then got some food.  There was soup (in cups), but being Americans we all (meaning Team America: Adam, the other two Americans and I) grabbed spoons because well, it's soup.  The guy that was visiting was trying to get some of the salad, but it was only for the actual workers at the parade (we didn't know that), so it was really confusing.  But anyway, when we sat down, we just kept getting all these odd looks seeing as how we had spoons.  Probably the most awkward 10 minutes of my life.  Even when we stopped using them, we got funny looks.

Made it through that, went back to the room to slowly get changed and get our facepaint on.  Basically just hung out with Team America, got to know each other, played some stupid word games.  Pretty fun.  Then, it was time for the parade.  So, the theme for our float was the "Ice Queen".  Basically meaning, we were loosely dressed like old Russian soldiers (or so I was told), and there was someone dressed up like an Ice Queen on the float.  About 6 guys were playing simple drum things in front, along with one guy who was mic'ed to say commands.  The rest of us, however, had to push the float.  And we stopped, we had to just cross our arms and look at the audience, no emotion at all.  That part was easy, considering the parade was 2 hours and all up and down hills - looking angry or expressionless was pretty easy after losing all your energy.

Once the parade was over, we got to get out of our costumes, and we were fed again (two food vouchers - I got two burgers) and just hung out a bit.  Bussed back to Dadizele, said goodbye to the other two Americans (they weren't doing the Sunday parade).  Of course, it was a false alarm, as everyone went upstairs to drink more.  I, along with like half the members, was really tired, so I just sat down and tried to stay awake.  Finally everyone went home, so we could lock up the clubhouse.  Went to the one directors house with another kid, watched some TV, and finally got to bed.

Oh, and here are some pictures from the parade Adam's family got - I didn't take any pictures seeing as how I was in the parade.

On the right side, pushing: Bobby, Adam, and Blake, all from Team America

That's me in front!

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