Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 130

Woensdag, 14 December 2011

Great lazy day. No school, or Dutch school, so I slept in, had breakfast with Marcela before she went to Antwerp, and then did some Dutch and Latin studying on the computer. Had lunch with Patrick, who then left to go work with the cows, leaving me alone. So, what did I do? Played videogames and read. Man, I'm so interesting. Went online (via the wired internet) for a bit to answer some emails and read the news, then went off again to read more and take a nap.

Had dinner with Patrick and Truut, and then when Truut left for class I spent a while working on a photobook, and then watched "The Four Feathers" with Patrick. Great movie – gotta love Heath Ledger. Then, basically just went to bed.

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