Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 127

Zondag, 11 December 2011

Got woken up around 930, as we were going to Brugge. Had a quick breakfast, and then went to the car. I was going to take a nap, but of course I had decided to put in contacts, so I couldn't. :( When we got there, we couldn't find a place to park for like 20 minutes, which made me keep thinking about how I would hate to drive in Belgium. I miss American roads and parking lots so much.

Basically spent all day walking around. Had some tea early on, went to a Christmas market (soo many people), went to some art galleries, saw some churches, ate (inside, so Marcela could warm up), walked more, and went in the ice sculpture tent, which was really fun. It was cold enough in there to feel like home. :P I went down this giant slide made of ice, which was pretty cool. But the carvings were amazing! It was Disney themed, so you could see like Wall-E, Cinderella, Peter Pan, etc. Pretty cool. Spent like 15 or 20 minutes in there, but when we got out Marcela was going on and on about how cold she was. :P

But anyway, we had to have some hot chocolate to warm up before we went to the car and went home. Still no internet, which is a total bummer. Truut said she's having someone come over on Monday to try and fix it. Had some tea and food before watching "Evan Almighty". It was so sad to see Jon Stewart doing the little TV show on the movie – it made me realize how long it's been since I've seen the show.

After that, basically just went upstairs to fix up the pictures from the day, and went to bed.

Pics from the day:
Wall-E ice sculpture


Awesome looking church

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