Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 119

Zaterdag, 03 December 2011

So, fairly long day.  Woke up to rain.  And not the usual rain it's been here, which was like a light spring rain, but fairly hard.  Phooey.  Packed up everything for drumline, and Patrick said he'd drive me to the bus stop, which was nice.  Bus and then train, and of course by the time I was in Antwerp my iPod had died because I forgot to charge it.  So, I decided to buy a magazine (The Economist: The World in 2012) since I was bored and it was in English.

I had also been trying to text people to see if I had a ride from Kortrijk to drumline.  See, I forgot to confirm with someone last night that they were picking me up.  And when I tried texting her, I kept getting no response.  Texted someone else, told me the other girl was working and would be late to rehearsal, and thus couldn't pick me up.  Tried texting someone else in the line, no response.  By then I was on the train and halfway to Kortrijk, so I was freaking out a little bit.  I finally (and by finally, I mean like 20 minutes before I was at the station) to get someone to pick me up - thank goodness they're a good sport about it.  They were totally fine with it, which was great.

At rehearsal, I got my member jacket!  SO EXCITED!  It's a great jacket, it looks really nice, and it's pretty warm.  Rehearsed, etc, and then there were announcements at the end (like usual).  But, of course, they ran long because there's a big event next weekend (a handful of members get to play at the MIA's, Music Industry Awards, and then the rest of the members have a chance to just go with).  By the time they were done, it was 6:13.  My train home was at 6:40.  One of the director/tech guys said he could always drive me and my section mate (who also needs to get a train there) to the station, so we were waiting for him.  I was freaking out, because Truut and Patrick said that I needed to be home on time because it was Siemen's birthday party with the family.

We (meaning me and the other kid getting the ride) went up to the guy, asking if it would be okay to leave now so I could get my train.  He asked when my train was, and I just said 6.45, seeing as how I actually didn't remember for sure, but I knew it was around then.  He looked at the clock - 6.23.  The guy he was talking to was like, You won't make it, to which the other guy said, But we can try!

And so he runs out of the room, grabs his stuff from upstairs, and we run out to the parking lot.  We sped quite a bit, and finally ended up at the train station.  I just dash out of the car with my bag to my platform, right at 6.40.  No train - it was 5 minutes late.  My section mate shows up about a minute later (his train is at the same place, 30 minutes later), so we just talk for a bit about how awkward it is to be running full speed to get there and then realize that you're still early.

But it was all good, the train came, and I made it back home.  Patrick picked me up from Herentals (no bus until 10, and it was only 9 then), made it home just in time for dessert.  :)  Talked with Marcela and some relatives until they left, and then was told about my second family!  Apparently I might be going on holiday with them to FRANCE!  I'd have to miss two parades with drumline, but I think they could do without me (especially since I still don't really know the parade music >.>).  I skyped with my parents a bit to figure out what I should do (I'm still really torn, but I know I'll like never get another chance to go to France), and then went to bed.  Great night.

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