Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 138 - Moving Day!

Donderdag, 22 December 2011

Whoa.  Moving day.

Woke up at 7 because I forgot to turn my alarm off (no school as the buses and trains weren't running), and heard Marcela and Truut talking.  I texted Marcela (yes, I was too lazy to stand up and walk like 10 steps to her room) - turns out her ear started bleeding overnight, which would explain all of her ear problems.  Went back to sleep, as I knew it was going to be a long day, and woke up at 11 to Truut knocking on my door.  She brought Marcela and I breakfast in bed, which was soo sweet of her.  We had talked about it like our first week here, how getting breakfast in bed was just such a fun thing (I don't remember why, but Marcela and I talk about everything).

We all ate in my bedroom, talked, and then Truut gave Marcela and I little presents and a card.  We got a little snowglobe that says "Gelukkig Nieuwjaar" (Happy New Year), and two patches, all of which we put on our blazer (Marcela and I love putting stuff on our blazer; it's like an addiction).  Lots of fun.  Truut left to go do some things, and Marcela and I just sat in my room talking, eating, and listening to Christmas music.  Turns out she had went to the doctor when I was sleeping, and now had to go to a specialist (ears, nose and throat doctor), and that she might not be able to fly because of her ears.  That was TERRIBLE news, seeing as how tomorrow morning she had plans to fly to Vienna to meet her biological family to travel with them for the holidays.  Her mom was on Skype, so she told her that she may not be able to meet them, at least for a few days, and her mom just started bawling.  :(

Anyway, around 2, we left for the doctor.  Turns out it was just this crazy thing that usually only happens once in people's lives, and the doc just had to puncture the things (kind of like blisters) in her ear, and wash it out.  We got a video of him doing it, just because we thought it was so cool.  :P  Luckily, he said it's fine for her to fly, so that was a huge relief.  Home, she had to put in ear drops and lay down, so we watched a bit of "Game of Thrones" and finished packing.  I dropped off a Christmas present at my third family, moved my bags downstairs (HEAVY), and waited until Truut and Siemen were back from his school (they were at a parent/teacher conference thing) to go to the next family.  Before we left, Truut gave Marcela and I another present - matching winter pajamas!  It was wonderful.

Then, went to the next house to have dinner.  It was pretty fun - we just got to know each other a bit, and then Denise (host mom 2) showed us around the house, and went over the basic rules.  Marcela and I don't share a closet anymore - we're all the way down the hall from each other!  :P  Marcela then left with Patrick, Truut, and Siemen, as they were driving her to the airport the next morning for her flight to Vienna.  It was really sad - last time we'd get to see each other this year.  :(

After they left, Denise showed me around a bit more, and I unpacked all my stuff.  Of course, I'll need to pack in like two days for our France trip, but whatever.  Afterwards, I went downstairs and talked a bit with Denise and Frederik (host dad 2).  I showed them a drumline clip, as they were confused why I would go to Dadizele every Saturday, seeing as it's on the exact other side of the country (the house now is like 1km from the Netherlands, Dadizele is really close to France).  After seeing it was like 1am, we decided to call it a night and go to sleep.

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