Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 139

Vrijdag, 23 December 2011

Woke up, figured out where the food was for breakfast, and then Denise drove me to Hoogstraten for the bus.  There's a stop by the house I guess, but as it was dark out by the time I got to the house last night, she said she'd just drive me.  Plus, I need to get off the bus in Hoogstraten on the way home, and have her pick me up, so I needed to know where to get off.  :P

Met a friend from my Dutch class on the bus, so we just talked the entire way.  At class, as so many people were on trips already, we combined with another class and did a quiz.  Of course, my team won, so we got a little prize (an ornament!), and everyone got some candy to eat during, so that was fun.  We got done like an hour early, so I made it home pretty fast.

As soon as I got there, it was lunch time.  This family owns a business which is like attached to the house, and as it was a holiday, they made spaghetti for all the workers that were still working, had a drink with them, and did a little gift raffle.  I hung out with them for all of that, which was really fun.  Still pretty tired from moving in, so I took a little nap after that.  Woke up around 6, and went downstairs.  Denise was talking to Julie (her daughter, my age, on exchange in Colombia).  We ended up talking for like an hour, and showing each other music.  Everyone in this family likes ska/reggae as well, so I'm definitely going to fit in.  :)

Afterwards, watched some TV and talked with Frederik, then the three of us watched a movie and some TV and just chilled out.  Lots of fun.  Now, going to get a nice long night of sleep before the holiday party tomorrow (and probably skyping with my parents).  Slaapwel!

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