Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 118

Vrijdag, 02 December 2011

Well, Marcela was late this morning (I got up on time, finally), so we were still almost late getting to the bus.  Geez.  Class was okay - a lot of people didn't have buses and thus didn't show up, seeing as how there was a protest or something in Brussels (I have no idea about it, that's just what I've been hearing).  Got tea again during the break, which was really nice.  Lunched quick by myself and then studied some Latin in the library (Marcela and Santi went out, but I didn't want to spend any more money).

Had a music theory class, where they were basically getting ready for exams, and then art history, where we talked about exams basically, and then spent like the last 15 minutes waiting to leave.  Even the teacher kept checking his phone to leave.  Marcela and I went home straight away since she wasn't feeling the greatest, and I was a little tired.  No one was home when we got there, so I studied a bit and took a nap before dinner.  Finished a movie with Siemen and Marcela, and then they were going to watch something like Superhero Movie or something else that's not my taste, so I went upstairs and worked on a little photobook.  I think I need one for my Rotary speech in April, so I may as well work on it now considering I'll procrastinate on it once it gets closer.   :P

Anyway, drumline tomorrow, gotta rest up!  Slaapwel!

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