Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 209

Vrijdag, 2 Maart 2012

Woke up early, ate, and then all four of us were on the road to Grasse, which is the world capital of perfume.  Got a little sick on the way there (meaning that by the time we got there I had to replace my breakfast), so that was a bit of a bummer.  Shopped a bit, and then we went to this great museum about the role of perfume in history and how it came to be used today.  It had a bunch of bottles from ancient times all the way up to present, and was really cool.  Also had a bunch of places where you could smell the extract of different flowers and other things, which was fun.

After that, we ate, and then set off for Nice.  The weather wasn't that great when we got there, so we just walked around the city, looked in some stores, hung out in a mall, and then drove back home.  Rested a bit, and then we went to TourTour to eat at the Moroccan restaurant we went to last time.  Pretty good stuff.  After that, just home and slept.

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