Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 237

Zaterdag, 31 Maart 2012

My parents are here!

Woke up, ate, put on a dress (and I did my nails yesterday), and then Frederik and I went to Brussels.  Had to wait for a long time (their flight left the US like 40 minutes late, but we didn't know that before we went to pick them up).  It was nice :)  Had to have a coffee before leaving the airport (and then dad had to smoke too - both things were required for him to travel anymore :P), and then went back to Meerle.

Put the baggage away, ate, talked with Frederik and Denise (and Marcela once she woke up).  I took my parents for a little walk to talk a bit, and then back to the house for lunch.  After that, we (sans Frederik) got in the car and drove around.  We went to an area where you keep going from Belgium to Holland in the same street.  We stopped at a flour mill (windmill!), and the two guys working there starting talking to us, in English.  It was really fun - they showed us EVERYTHING, they even stopped the windmill to show the blades better and explain more.  Great guys.  Turns out the older one was an English teacher, so he liked the chance to talk with some native speakers.

After that, went around Breda in car a bit, and back home.  Talked a bit, but then Frederik and Denise had to go to something, so the four of us were alone.  Marcela had to get ready for Italy tomorrow, and my mom took a nap, so my dad and I went to a pub and just caught up.  Back home, had dinner (stoofvlees and fries) with mom and Marcela.  Then, put the music my brother Kyle sent me on my computer while talking with my parents.  They went to bed early since they were obviously exhausted.  I just got checked up some things about our trip, talked a bit, and now I think I'm going to bed early as well.  It's going to be a long two weeks!  Slaapwel!

Also, I need to say a big THANK YOU to my sweetheart Beedums back in the US.  She sent me a Latin crossword book (d'aww) and an awesome necklace/earrings set for my birthday - and they're blue!  I've been talking about buying some blue jewelry with Marcela forever because I didn't own any blue, and I own a LOT of blue clothes.  So, thank you so much honey!

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