Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 229

Vrijdag, 23 Maart 2012

Slept in since there was no Dutch class in the morning.  NICE!  Ate a bit, and then Frederik drove Marcela and I to Hoogstraten to get a bus.  Went to school, talked with Bella in the library for a period, watched a movie in class, and then I read outside by the castle until my bus came.  The weather is great lately, so it was nice to go out and get some sun.

Home, worked on my rotary presentation (getting soooo close to finishing) and watched a movie with Frederik and Denise while waiting for Marcela to get home (we were waiting for her and Bella before we ate dinner).  They kept asking to get picked up later and later, so we finally just ate around 9 or so.  Was about to go to bed when they got home, talked a bit, and then went to sleep.

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