Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 207

Woensdag, 29 Februari 2012

Leap year day!

Woke up early (well, early for me on vacations), aka around 8 or so.  Got ready, and then at 9 Marcela, Denise and I left for Saint-Tropez.  I went there last time I was here, but it was Marcela's first time.  :)  We walked around a bit, admired the view, didn't really shop much since nothing was open.  We then left for "Le Thoronet Abbey", which is one of the best preserved Cistercian abbeys.  It's also in the top ten for best acoustics in the world, and it was really something - no matter where you were in the room, the acoustics were the same.  A tour guide showed this by singing and walking around the room - the sound stayed completely the same.  It was really something.

Oh, and before the abbey we stopped at this old castle.  SO COOL.  I love castles - we actually weren't going to stop but Denise noticed that I was just staring at it so she decided to pull over so I could have a look.  :)  And for about half the drive, we had the sunroof down on the car, so that was pretty awesome.

Back at home, I just laid down for a bit, worked on my Rotary presentation I have to give in April, we had pizza, talked a bit, and then went to bed.  Pretty successful day.  And here's a picture dump, because trips always mean I take a bunch of pictures >.>

Marcela and I out on the rocks in Saint-Tropez

In Saint-Tropez - just thought this looked cool

View from the castle!

The castle itself

Marcela in the convertible!

The abbey

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