Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 235

Donderdag, 29 Maart 2012

Woke up, ate, met everyone that spent the night (Marcela, three of her Brazilian friends, a girl from Colombia and a girl from Mexico - the last two are doing a study abroad in Germany).  Went to Dutch school after dropping the Brazilians off at the train station, did a test there, and then worked on a new chapter in the book.  After that, came home, slept, woke up, read, and then had dinner with Marcela and the two other girls (Denise and Frederik had meetings).  Julie, the daughter of the family I'm in now, stayed with Daniela's family in Colombia for the first half of her exchange.  Daniela and the other girl are both doing their year in Germany, but came through here while visiting some friends.

We all just chatted, hung out - usual stuff.  Did that for a few hours, got ready for bed.  Now it's time to sleep - slaapwel!

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