Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 219

Dinsdag, 13 Maart 2012

A month until Taco Bell!  :)

Anyway, when I was online this morning before school (my usual wake up routine - otherwise I'd never have the motivation to open my eyes), my friend Keith helped me fix my kindle.  It's now working properly; so relieved.  Like I've said, I'm doing a reading challenge this year, so I need to be able to read all the time.  I'm still like 10 books behind (oops), but I'm hopefully going to catch up soon.  I doubt anyone cares, but here's the link to see what I've read so far.  If you have any suggestions, totally just say.  I love hearing of new books to read.

Anyway, Dutch class, had the test.  It was fairly easy, which means I was probably doing something wrong.  Didn't do too much else in the class, though time was moving sooo slowly.  Went to real school, and waited outside the classroom doors.  And wouldn't you know it, my class wasn't there.  Like, after 10 minutes they still weren't there.  And I faintly remember seeing in one of my classmate's planners that they had a field trip sometime this week (or maybe next week), I just assumed it was today and went to study in the library.

Then, I realized I had forgotten my trumpet at Dutch school.  Oops.  Went back there, found it, back to the school, studied until the first bus.  Ate with Patrick and Siemen, read, went to rehearsal, talked after, and back home.

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