Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 220

Woensdag, 14 Maart 2012

Happy Pi Day!

Got to school, had three of the four periods today.  Didn't do much of note in any of them, besides a debate in English.  I had to argue with someone about teaching evolution in schools, while two others had to argue about teaching creationism.  It was basically the same as arguing in the states, which means it was not enjoyable at all.  Got home, showered, and then napped until dinner.  Been feeling pretty under the weather the past few days, and my knee has started hurting again (Denise says it's because of the seasons changing - I really hope so).  Watched some Discovery Channel with Frederik and Denise, talked with Marcela and her friend a bit when they got home (he had to spend the night), and now it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

Oh, and cute picture for the day - my oldest brother's puppy.  I guess he's not really a puppy anymore, but I still think he's pretty adorable.

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