Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 222

Vrijdag, 16 Maart 2012

Dutch class, then had lunch with Marcela and Santi at the little snackbar/frituur by the school.  Went to school, studied math in the library a bit (the power went out, so it was a good thing I copied the questions onto notebook paper :P), and then watched more of a movie in the art appreciation class or whatever it is.  Still had over an hour until the bus so Marcela, Bella and I went to a cafe for a drink and some chatting (Bella is here with AFS, also from Brasil).  I learned quite a bit about Brasil during the conversation, it was pretty fun.  :)

Home, read a bit, and then we (Frederik, Denise and I) went and picked up Marcela in Hoogstraten (she stayed to hang out with her classmates a bit), got some food quick, and then went to a movie.  Marcela and I saw "Project X" - basically like "The Hangover" without a plot and geared towards high school students.  Decent, but not worth seeing again.  But it was nice to hear people saying "legit" and "bro" again, I do have to say.  :P

Went home basically right after, and then straight to sleep as I wasn't feeling good.  Yayyy getting sick again :/

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