Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 210

Zaterdag, 3 Maart 2012

Another lazy day.  Got up, cleaned up the house a bit, and then read outside for a while.  Ate lunch outside, and read more until the sun started to go down a bit.  Came inside for a little nap, had a drink with the neighbors (really interesting folks), then went out for dinner.  It was a fancy-ish restaurant, and what music did they have?  American Country.  Made my night.  Went to bed right away after, and then woke up at like 2am (technically the 4th, but whatever :P).  I kinda danced along to it in my seat and the server noticed, so he made eye contact, smiled, and then turned up the music.  :)  I've been planning this little prank on my friend in my old drumline - another friend who isn't marching this year went to the show, told me a bit about it, and then texted me when awards were over.  I then called my other friend (the one that's marching still) to freak him out a bit and congratulate him (RCR is still undefeated in MN in their class - third year running!).

Had to call around 330am because the elevator broke at the show (typical for South Saint Paul :P), and it did surprise him a bit.  He couldn't figure out who I was right away, so I just acted so upset and so dramatic that he realized it was me.  :)  Tons of fun.  Talked with him and another girl from the cymbal section I marched with last year, and another kid from pit.  But anyway, now it's almost like 4am and we leave for Belgium again at 7, so slaapwel!

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