Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 214

Woensdag, 7 Maart 2012

7 months today!

Woke up pretty tired (I really need to be more responsible about getting home...), packed some food and took my time getting ready, then went to school.  Finished Invisible Man on the bus - I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my goal this year is to read 100 books over the course of the year.  Of course, I've been slacking/reading longer books, so I only have 8 read so far (which is 10 books behind schedule).  So much to do!

Listening class, library, English (I got called on in class and I was wrong.  Silly British English :P), science, and then school was over.  Marcela was a bit cold so we did the lazy thing and took a bus from the market to the train station (a very short walk).  Waited a bit, and then Emi and Santi picked us up.  We went to Sravya's host parent's work, which is a fruit factory.  We got to view the inside, see how it works, pretend we were buying at an auction, and then we got free apples, pears, chocolate and juice.  Great day.  :)

We (Emi, Santi, Marcela, Jenna and I) then drove back to Turnhout.  To annoy Santi (and because we were bored since it was a long drive) we read children's stories I have on my Kindle out loud.  I was the only one doing voices, so I had to read the most :P  Then we read a scene from Romeo and Juliet out loud, attempted to read a Dutch book out loud (everyone else gave up), sang annoying songs (99 bottles of beer on the wall, I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, etc), until we finally were in Turnhout.  Got the bus to Hoogstraten and Frederik picked us up there.  Ate, got ready for sleep, caught up on some things, and now it's time for bed (super tired!).  Slaapwel!

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