Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 225

Maandag, 19 Maart 2012

Dutch school, basically the same as usual.  Mari (one of the ladies we hang out with) was back after more than a week's absence, so we had to help her figure out what was going on.  Ate outside again with Marcela and Bella, and then studied math in the library until 4 when I could get a bus home.  Marcela also didn't have classes today (her class was gone as opposed to my just not having class).

Home, read a bit more of my book - it's the second in a series, a sci-fi fantasty sort thing.  I like it a lot, but Marcela thinks it sounds terrible.  :P  After dinner, Denise had a meeting and Frederik had to work, so Marcela and I watched the first Lord of the Rings, extended edition of course.  We finished the first disc (of the first movie), but by then it was almost 10, so we decided to go to bed since I was still sick and Marcela was tired.  Really makes me shake my head when I remember watching all three extended editions one night - all I can say is thank goodness there was a little snowstorm that night because we needed to whitewash to stay awake.  :P

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