Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 234

Woensdag, 28 Maart 2012

Got up, got the bus to Turnhout, and just kinda wandered for a bit.  No school, so there really wasn't much to do.  Ate at HEMA, went online at school for a bit, and then got the bus to Mol.  Walked around there with Jenna for a while, ate, and then met up with Allen and Ben (his host brother - and Ben's sister is in MN right now!).  We went to go do laser tag, which was our plan for the day, but the place was closed until 4.  So, we went, had icecream, hung out - just had a good time in general.

Then, went back, and boom - laser tag was reserved until 8.  Did go karts instead.  And wow, I MISS DRIVING.  Granted, it wasn't like usual driving - there was quite a bit more drifting and tight corners (and Jenna and Ben both getting stuck after hitting a wall :P), but the feeling was great.  It was like a mix of driving and riding a new horse.  No one really understood me on that, but whatever.

Afterwards, we all went out for a drink to wait for Ben and Allen's train.  We found Budweiser on the menu for the first time, so of course Jenna and I had to try it.  Ben hated the taste.  :P  Got the bus to Turnout, and then Hoogstraten.  Home, ate, and studied for my Dutch test.  And now, time to catch up on some sleep (I forgot to turn my alarm off this morning >: ) Slaapwel!

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