Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 226

Dinsdag, 20 Maart 2012

For some reason waking up was super difficult, which was odd considering I actually got a lot of sleep.  Finished my book on the way to school, and started on the third of the series (it's the John Carter of Mars series, in case anyone cares).  Did the Dutch class stuff, same as usual.  Marcela wanted to shop, so I went by myself during lunch to the castle to just sit down outside and read.  Great weather~

Back at school, had three periods of the acting class, with a period in the library in between.  Kinda sucked, since my voice was starting to give out and I actually had to do some talking.  Didn't go to Lille today - decided to skip (*gasp*) fanfare rehearsal because I wasn't feeling the greatest and it wouldn't do me any good to get sicker now (sleepover tomorrow, rotary Thursday, drumline Saturday, and possibly something Sunday).

At home, napped until dinner, ate (it was tortilla night - I think I beat Marcela in being Mexican, though she says she won), talked a bit, and then got ready for Thursday.  Did some reading, tried to figure out what book to buy now - I'm only allowing myself to spend up to $10, because I paid for a $5 voucher which gives me $10 amazon credit.

Anyway, I just asked on facebook, so I'm just going to go to bed and see what people tell me to get when I wake up tomorrow (this is too big of a decision for me to make myself :P).  Slaapwel!

Oh, and I won't be posting again until Thursday at least - I know I'm usually a day late just because I'm getting lazy, but I have a legit excuse this time.  :P

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