Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 232

Maandag, 26 Maart 2012

Woke up and it wasn't sunny yet, laaaame.  Waited for Santi outside of his house, which was a lot of fun.  Got to class, learned what we missed last Thursday, studied for the test.  Robyn, one of the ladies in our group, left for home (South Africa) today.  She was an au pair and was having some trouble with things here, so she decided it would be best to leave.  Her flight was supposed to be on Thursday, but she called me on Saturday and said it was changed.  :(  We all said goodbye, got a class picture, and then she left.  Pretty sad, because I'll probably never see her irl again.

After Dutch class, got the bus to Hoogstraten and then Frederik picked me up to go home.  My class had a field trip today I couldn't go on, so no class!  Worked on my rotary presentation, and when the video I made stopped working I just said screw it and took a nap.  Woke up, thought it was Tuesday, and started panicking.  Realized it was only dinner time, settled down.  Had pizza with Frederik and Marcela (Denise had a meeting), and then Frederik left for a meeting.  Skyped with my family, got basically everything ready for our trip.  So excited!

After that, got ready for bed, talked with people, and now it's time to actually get to sleep.  Slaapwel!

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