Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 218

Maandag, 12 Maart 2012

Dutch school was a bit odd today.  Santi was singing for some reason, some of the usuals didn't show up, it was basically an unstructured lesson, and my orange decided to explode everywhere when I peeled it.  Afterwards, went shopping a bit with Robyne, got some colored pens and mechanical pencils (whooooo).  Went to school, looked up cheap ways to get from Belgium to London (train didn't work out for my family's visit :P), and studied some math and econ, seeing as how I had 3 free periods.

Home, napped a bit, ate, and then spent quite a long time skyping with both my parents and Collin about the trip.  We basically got everything finalized, all the hotels booked, and started nailing everything down.  Then, studied some for my Dutch test tomorrow while talking with people from here.  I was going to read on my kindle when worst thing ever happened - my kindle wouldn't turn on.  It's just not working.  Charging it doesn't work - even when it's connected to the computer it doesn't turn on.  SO UPSET.

Anyway, decided I was too upset to study after that (as you can see, I'm not a great student), so I just read some things online.  And now, time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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