Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 224

Zondag, 18 Maart 2012

Slept in until noon, when I woke up to some trucks/parade floats blasting club music and driving in front of the house.  Seriously, things were shaking on my nighstand (and my window was open :/).  So obviously wasn't in the best mood in the morning.  Spent some time getting ready (still felt sick), and then had lunch with Denise, Frederik, Raf and Valerie (and Marcela once she got home).  After, we all watched "Three Wishes" (silly movie), and went for a little walk.

Napped a bit, and then had dinner with the neighbors (aka, Marcela's third family!).  Super fun; they're a really nice family.  Didn't get home until around 1030 or so, so I just went straight to bed.

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