Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 218

Zondag, 11 Maart 2012

Got up, Denise drove me to the train station around 9, and I got to Namur around 12.  Met up with some other exchange students there (most notably my lovely Greta who invited me).  We walked around a bit, got some food, and walked up to a castle.  Then, the majority of the students wanted to stay and hang out at the castle all day, but as I had never been to Namur before, I decided to tour the city with Tucker, one of my friends who is from California and knows French.  It was super fun - we saw some churches, had a drink, tried to get Chinese food, had icecream, and finally met up with everyone at the castle again.

Turns out they were just chilling still, and since Tucker had never been to Antwerp we left everyone again to go there - I felt bad because Greta invited me and I like didn't hang out with her, but I guess that means we just need to hang out again :).  Anyway, Tucker and I made it to the train station and literally missed the train to Brussels by like 5 seconds.  Like, as we were running down the stairs it started pulling away.  So we had to wait half an hour, got the train, and then halfway through we were stopped for like half an hour - apparently the police were on or something, we didn't really know.

By the time we got to Brussels, it was too late for Tucker to come to Antwerp (he lives like on the complete opposite side of the country), so he went home from there, and I went back to Antwerp.  Waited there for Marcela (she was out all weekend too), got the train home, and then Denise picked us up at the station.  Home, ate, read a bit, and then bed.  Pretty standard.

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