Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 228

Donderdag, 22 Maart 2012

Woke up, got all gussied up for the day, and Flavia's host dad drove us to the station.  Met up with Allen, Sofia, Sofi, and Bernardo.  Chatted on the train, and met up with most of the other exchange students in Liege.  Got to Verviers, talked a bit, and then we had to practice for the "ceremony".  Basically, they took forever to get all of us (over 200 exchange students) into two lines, gave us umbrellas, and told us to stand still.  That's really about it.

Had some time after to talk, met up with some old friends, and then back in the line.  Apparently it's really uncommon for the Rotary International President to come, so they kept stressing on us that it was a big deal and to be on our best behavior.  Of course, the entire day was conducted in French (they had someone try to speak Dutch once, but she really didn't know it that well so it really didn't help at all).  And we got little hand clappers to use when he walked by.

Then we had to wait outside the room (it was in a movie theater, odd) until we were needed to go inside.  There were like two people in line for an actual movie then, so they just looked really confused.  We had to line up behind our country flag, which of course meant a lot of people talking to old friends, and then yelling into a mic telling us we were too loud (which seemed counterproductive to me).  Finally we all had to go inside, stand in front, and listen to some talking.  Since he's from India, Sravya had to sing a traditional Indian song, and three Rotex members who went to India had a bit to say as well.  Then they did some awards, talked about how Belgium has the most exchange students per district, the president talked, and then all of us tried to sing "Imagine" by John Lennon, which went considerably better than when we practiced it earlier.  :P

After that, we got to leave the room, eat some food (free!), and chat.  Then, we all got to watch "The Hunger Games", and it was in English (usually in the French part they dub over movies), and it was free!  Decent film, not much else to say.  Started off for home then.  Got the train at 530.  Got home at 1030.  In between was a lot of talking and messing around on the trains.  Got home, went straight to sleep.

And now, pics from the day!  (and haha, no pics of me a in dress :P)

Jenna and Hendryk - check out the blazers

Mr. Toyota (Allen) and Sravya, in her traditional clothes

What happens on the train

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