Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 223

Zaterdag, 17 Maart 2012

So I think everything hates me right now.

Woke up feeling terrible after a not so pleasant night of sleep.  Got ready for drumline (took me forever, but I was finally able to find a ride to rehearsal last night), because honestly, sometimes it helps your throat to do some exercise like drumline.  Denise dropped me off at the train station, and everything was looking good.

Then it kinda turned into a "Days of our Lives" kind of day.  The train broke down partway to Antwerp, as per usual for me and Marcela.  Made it to Antwerp just in time to run and see my train to Kortrijk leaving.  So, stuck for an hour in Antwerp.  Then my body decided it would be funny to make me nauseous and - long story short - I needed to replace my breakfast and I wasn't as nauseous anymore.  :P

Luckily, I remembered some of the Rotary kids were going to meet up in Antwerp today, so I texted them.  Jenna, Allen, and Sravya were there, so they came to my aid.  Basically hung around with me until I felt a bit better, and then brought me on a walk to get some food and fresh air.  After I felt sufficiently better, they set me on a bus on the way to Turnhout.  Denise and Frederik picked me up there, went home, slept until dinner. Ate, watched some TV, and now it's time to sleep again.  Yayyy being sick.  Slaapwel!

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