Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 177

Maandag, 30 Januari 2012

Best part of relying on public transit for school?

When there's a strike, there's no school.  So, that basically tells you that my day was uneventful.  Spent time just looking over some old Dutch class notes, reading, and just hanging out in general.  Then, something magical happened - it started snowing!  Marcela RAN to my room yelling, so we got all bundled up and went for a walk outside.  She was so happy with the snow, it was really fun to see.

Afterwards, we went home, and Marcela made some Brasilian sweets with the ingredients her mom brought, and I skyped with my biological family to try to plan out their trip here.  It's getting so close!  Watched Mulan, had dinner, and then watched the last Hornblower (that ship series I adored that we started in France) episodes.  Fun night!

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