Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 186

Woensdag, 8 Februari 2012

Different day today - instead of real class, I had Dutch class today (the teacher needed to switch it up this week).  So, that means a later start than most Wednesdays!  Marcela stayed home sick again, so that means this time I talked to Santi during most of the class.  There are a few new ladies who are getting along great with our old group, so that's really nice.  And since it was a Wednesday, after Dutch class I got to go home!  Bused back with Carol, a lady in the class from Brasil I'm friends with.

At home, ate a bit, and then... napped.  Yep.  I'm a Lysford - I love me some naps.  Woke up, chatted with Marcela, had dinner, then did some reading and whatnot.  Killed time until it was time for bed.  Another exciting day in the life of an exchange student.

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