Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 203

Zaterdag, 25 Februari 2012

Slept in a bit (till like 1230), then Gio drove me and the other guy that slept at his house to the grocery store.  We picked up food (a loaf of bread, 2 kilos of chinese food, a bunch of breakfast breads, a pie, 2 liters of pop, ham, a hunk of cheese, a candy bar, and a bag of candy), and ran into some other DrumSpirit people, who were also getting a bunch of food.  When we went out to Gio's car, he just shook his head when he saw how much food we had (and it was just for the two of us).  Went to the clubhouse, ate a bit, then rehearsed from 3-630.  Ate, watched some TV, announcements, and then the show again.

Went pretty well - some things were better, some were worse.  Talked with some of the directors afterwards - I'm really leaning towards auditioning for a world class line next year for winter, and for doing drumcorps in the summer.  Thankfully like all the directors have marched those things in the States, so I can ask for help.  Talked with a bunch of people, and while everyone was still in full party mode at like 330am, Gio and I were exhausted so we just went to his house and fell went to bed right away.

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