Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 179

Woensdag, 1 Februari 2012

Bad start to the day, considering I had to get the bus like 40 minutes earlier than usual.  Plus, there was no bread or milk, so breakfast was a difficult matter.  School, had the listening class, Latin, English, and Science.  Didn't too anything of note in any of them, except showing my classmates in English who Michelle Bachmann is and how insane (in a negative way) she is.  They couldn't believe what they were hearing when I played video clips.  One guy actually took off the headphones so he didn't have to hear anymore.  :P  And I taught them how to debate certain issues from the view of both political parties (what our unit is in English), but I won't get into detail about that, because I'd probably offend a few people.

Then, at 1220, got a train to Kortrijk.  Stopped in Antwerp for lunch, and got to Kortrijk by 310.  Ugh.  Then we drove to Dadizele, practiced till 6 or so, back to Kortrijk, I bought dinner (I hate spending money on food, but it was SO GOOD), and then I was at the train station by home at 9, so I was home by 920.  Long, long day for like 3 hours of rehearsal.  Whatever.  I needed it.

Home, got ready for bed.  Marcela got home around 1130, utterly frozen.  She went out today in Wallonia with some friends, and it was *gasp* -10 Celsius, or 14 Fahrenheit.  She had never been in a place that cold before; she said she was frozen, turning purple, and even getting sick.  Like, she almost threw up because she was so cold, couldn't feel her fingers or toes (which is normal, but I suppose if you're not used to it it's a bit weird).  Poor Brasilian.  To me, it's still above 0 (I can't get the hang of thinking in Celsius), so whatever, it's fine for me.  I love being a Minnesotan - it's fun to laugh at people cursing at the "cold".

Anyway, slaapwel (and stay warm!)

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