Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 195

Vrijdag, 17 Februari

Definitely one of the bad exchange days.  Started off fine - Dutch school, and then went home.  Packed, and then at 3.30 left for my belbus (Denise and Frederik were busy).  Ended up getting to Hoogstraten waay too early, so I had to wait there for like 40 minutes until my bus.  Then, bused to the train station.  And, wouldn't you know it, we got to the station like 20 minutes late - which means I missed my train literally by like 2 minutes.  And from this train station, there is only one train an hour.

So, had to wait a full hour for the next train, and had to call the person picking me up in Kortrijk saying that I'd be an hour late.  Got something to eat in Antwerp, and then took the train to Kortrijk.  Got there, was picked up, and ended up at rehearsal around 8.40.  5 HOURS.  I mean, I'm fine with 5+ hour car rides - going up north is 5.40 at shortest - but when a lot of it is wasted time it gets me pretty peeved.

Rehearsed till like 10 or 10.30, then slept upstairs in the clubhouse while some other people were practicing (cymbals were done since there weren't enough of us left to continue practicing).  Basically just laid upstairs until Gio (the drumline director I stay with) picked me up.  Basically just went to bed right away.

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